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Sept/Oct 2018 – Do everything with loving attention

Dear reader,
Perhaps you are reading this message quickly in between other things you have to do, while holding your breath and with tension in your body because you are so busy. Sit down properly, look at the text with quiet eyes and bring your breath downwards into your body as far as possible. That way the message will sink in better as well. Do this every time you have to read or type something, as if you have all the time in the world. You will notice that you work more efficiently. Time is a malleable concept; a minute can seem an eternity and the other way around. Know that you are in control of your life. You decide what is happening. Do not concern yourself with time limits and try not to look at your watch every minute. Finish your work within the set time, not by looking at the clock but by just getting things done the way it’s done best: with love, concentration and devotion. You’ll see that you get far more work done than when you think: I have to get this done now!
The same goes for driving. When you are already late, relax and enjoy the ride. You will reach your destination quicker than with speeding and overtaking everyone.
This is simple advice, dear reader, and yet it is an essential part of the search for your own inner self. Beautiful energy you will generate in yourself when you follow this advice every day.

August 2018 – Stay balanced in the dance of life

“Dear Reader,
You are all preparing for the shortening days now and know that these days will fit well into your lives when you learn to accept change. Going with the seasons is an earthly dance you may gracefully join. Give welcome to the changes of weather and every day that is different. Feel that you are a child of the earth by moving along with her. Do not complain when it is raining or when you have a difficult moment. These are things one endures in daily life. So when you accept life with equanimity, it will present itself more friendly to you. Of course there are things in life that are not right and the earth and its inhabitants are confronted with big problems, but try not to lose your balance in these difficulties. A stable person can achieve so much more than someone who has lost his balance. This way you maximize your influence and you can look back on the day with contentment when you go to sleep at night.
Know that My world is guiding you all. “

July 2018 – Be happy with who you are

Dear reader,
Love and self-acceptance are something that most of you still have trouble in obtaining.
Look in the mirror, what is your first reaction? Is it positive or negative?
I see a great void in you concerning self-love and self-worth. These two are connected.
Underneath self worth lies self-acceptance and that is one of the most difficult things for people to obtain. You have chosen the body you now occupy and know that it is precisely this body that serves you best for fulfilling your life’s assignment. You can take excellent care of it and look radiant, or neglect it and look frumpy. That is up to you, but try to love you body the same way as you love yourself and give it a daily word of thanks for all that it does for you, even if you are not wholly satisfied with the way you look.
External appearance and the way you radiate energy (and love) are connected concepts, but man pays too much attention to the former and too little to the latter.
Radiation of energy is: Who are you really and how are you getting it across to others? Do you hide in your self-built castle out of fear to be hurt? The walls of your castle can do more damage than any possible pain that can be inflicted on you. Coming out of your castle is always a risk, but put your faith in us here above; we are helping you and we also prepare you for life.
This is the most important message for this summer, dear reader, because many of you are at odds with your appearance. I tell you: be happy with who you are and your body will arrange itself accordingly. Be also happy with the fact that you are healthy and that you can go places and enjoy the view.

June 2018 – Train your thoughts

Dear reader,

Your consciousness should aim at the higher levels of eternity. Know that you are a divine being and try to tune your earthly life to it.
Think of something in your life that you would really like to develop and see if this contributes to the good for the world. Keep asking yourself: Is this decision good for me and for the world? It seems cumbersome, but it will become second nature to you. Do not feel bad by the thought that your presence only brings trouble to the environment. Do what you can and that is good enough. It is important that you love the earth and think of her with compassion.

You will notice that the new life mostly aims at man’s inner processes. What are your thoughts; are they positive towards yourself and the world? This is the training method of the coming centuries and you are the one to make a start in this. It is not for nothing that you have been chosen to practise this. Nothing is for nothing, every good deed counts.
Enjoying life is one of those good deeds. Do not panic about the situation on earth. Sending positive thoughts helps a lot more than the feeling of powerlessness and not agreeing with the country’s leaders. Hold on to your own power of thought, dear reader, the world will be a better place when you do this.

March/April/May 2018 Healing meditation for the earth

Dear reader,

“The past times have been hectic on earth and this has not yet come to an end. The earth is stirring everywhere and needs support. I would like to ask you to give the earth your attention and love. She needs this very badly because she is in distress. This means that the coming days the earth will be shivering feverishly. That is why volcanoes are erupting and the ground is shaking.
You can visualise giving reiki to the earth, magnetising her or giving energy in any other way.
Another possibility is to think of a few points on earth, then connect these points and thus make a line or area to direct your love and support to. This can be in your home town or village, but it may also cover another great area in the world. Concentrate on that area and fill it with love. You can also add a colour or substance to it if you like, for instance something sparkling or glittering.
You can also imagine taking the area in your hands and slowly distribute the good energy by stroking gently.
All this support is very beneficial to these areas, especially when you do this together.
So please give this your attention for a while, because the earth is holy ground.“

We would like to invite everyone who wants to do this, to join us in healing for ten minutes every Friday at 21.00 Dutch time=Central European Summer time (GMT/UTC+2).
This during the months of May and June 2018.
(For your info: London=UTC+1, New York=UTC-4, YVR/LA/SFO=UTC-7, SYD=UTC+10
Find your time zone on

Of course you can invite others to join you, forward this or do the healing on your own every day if you like!

February 2018 – Virtual versus cash money

“Dear reader,

You have asked some questions about the last message. I would like to answer this by the following: You do not necessarily need to take all of your money out of the bank. The reason I gave you the previous message is to wake you up so that you can see how money has changed into something virtual, which is the first to disappear when there is a crisis. What remains is solid matter. In the end what remains is spirit and soul, but what I mean with your economy is that literally what matters is something solid. When in a crisis, this is what can be of help. Take care of the most important things first: a roof over your head, warmth, good warm clothes and good food. Secondly, you need enough money to keep on buying food. Everything you have in the bank is virtual. When you have it in your hands as money, it is a little more tangible. When you buy something with it, only then is it solid (a service rendered is also solid). The shape of the money (notes and coins) is not concrete because when you have a hundred pound note, the paper of the banknote is not worth a hundred pounds. The world leaders have already long ago abandoned that standard.
What is important is that you realise the difference between virtual and cash money. Of course you cannot empty your whole bank account and stash it somewhere at home. But take out some cash and start saving up. This could be some ten pound notes or more. What you learn by this is the worth of money and that you always have something at hand to spend.

The banks are having an enormous liquidity problem. If all of you would take all your money out of the bank, they would not have enough banknotes to pay you. Let alone that they have a security that can compensate the worth of that money. So in fact what the bank possesses is air. This is what people have to realise. What you get by working hard is money, but it is only money when you have it in your hands. Often you can only pay your bills by means of a bank transfer. That is something you cannot change now. For the daily things however I advise you to use cash money. That will be a sign to society that more cash money should be available, so that finance becomes more stable again. The more demand for cash , the stronger the sign to the government to do something against virtual money. As most of you live in a democracy, the voice of the people has to be heard, which in the end will happen.
This is to show you that you do not really need a bank to earn money and that you can live your life exactly the same without the presence of a money-keeper who often charges you for using your own money.

Are you one of the lucky ones who have a great amount of money, say a hundred thousand pounds/dollars or more, then I advise you to do something with it. That means buying something useful like a house or something that does not lose its value. This house you can either live in yourself or rent it out at a reasonable rate to someone who is in trouble. That way you can close the circle without interference from a third party. When you have a lot of money, try to pay off your debts first, like your mortgage. Taxwise it might not be so lucrative, but when you calculate it all, you’ll be better off and you will be safe.

Dear reader, have faith that you will always have enough. Don’t be afraid that you will have nothing left. There will always be enough to get by on. The reasons there are countries who are in poverty, are too diverse to go into now, but it is not due to shortage of money.
It is the distribution of money. The entire world can live in luxury. That is what we should be aiming for. Try to visualise that these countries can suddenly live in opulence: good housing, plenty of clean water and food and the realisation of the way they want to live. This is all within reach and it will happen when money will be viewed in a different light. “

January 2018 Some information about the monetary flow

Dear reader,

“During the past months you may have noticed an energy that feels like financial exchange, but it is not. Financial exchange is an equal exchange of energy manifesting itself in the worth of an object or a service rendered. One feels it when this energy flows in a good way.
For some time now, this energy has changed in the world due to decisions in the highest management echelons of financial institutions. They have decided that the monetary flow must continue whatever happens. This is not surprising because that motto has existed for years. The monetary flow however has stopped now and exists now only in virtual form that can be manipulated by the institutions. This manipulation is the cause that the energy does not flow clearly anymore and that is what you all feel.
Lies have been told about the financial system, even to leaders of governments. The reason I am telling you this is that you now know what this undercurrent is that you are all aware of. What can you do about it all? Nothing, you ‘d say, but this is not completely true. You can insist to use cash money as often as possible. So you take money out of the bank once in a while and for the rest you pay cash for your goods. It is also a good idea to read something about all this. The Internet has plenty sources to provide you with the necessary knowledge.
By this message I would like to prepare you for different times in which the great monetary flow will reach everyone again. At the moment there is a money drain towards a few very powerful people. Everyone should know this. When you all know it, it will create a necessary openness. It is not important that you know who these people are, but that they exist and that they fraudulently appropriate incredible sums of money. This happens in every country. I do not want to scare you, but inform you about things that are going to change shortly. This will affect everyone.”

December 2017 – Giving some extra attention to the Angels

“Dear Reader,

I am present in all walks of life and that means I know every one of you. At least once a day I look at each of you and check if you are happy,or that you are to make an important decision and need some extra help. In all these moments I will help you. It is not possible for Me to keep track of every person 24 hours a day. This is where the angels come in. They are working tirelessly to make your time on earth a happy one and to help you shape your life and your assignment in life as beautifully as possible. Please give these angels some extra attention in the festive season. Buy a little angel in whatever form and put it on your table or altar with a candle beside it. The angels take notice and will be thankful for this small gesture.
Angels are not only present for earthly matters. Other planets need their help too and the angels themselves also need time to grow in wisdom.

All of creation is growing, dear reader. Note the difference between growing and expanding. Creation grows energetically in wisdom and insights, but does not expand, as many scientists believe, but that is beside the point now. The point is that the angels will become more visible in your world. It is possible to see an angel manifesting itself in a dark moment. You will see a faint shimmer of light you cannot explain. When you call upon the angels, they come immediately. Not always the specific angel you called for, but always one that can help you. Many say: “Call upon Raphael or Michael“ but they cannot always meet this request. They have an exalted heavenly task that needs to be fulfilled first. However, know that you are never without help, no matter how dark the the times are now.
I wish you all a time of light with love and faith and I bless you all. “

Nov 2017 – Love for yourself is fundamental

“Dear Reader,

Do not worry about the state of the world but try to influence your own environment. You can do this by having a positive attitude and radiating from within. Then you are an inspiration to others. Of course you can have a bad day now and then, but your positive thinking should lie underneath this. I am speaking of love for yourself. Try to emanate this love so it touches everything. You’ll notice that that you are a mirror for everything and everything is a mirror for you. All is one. When you know this in your heart of hearts, you are a beacon of light in the world. The more beacons there are, the easier the shift can be made from darkness to light. Doing good on earth, like helping people, springs from the deepest source. That is why I am putting so much emphasis on love for yourself. Of course you may continue helping others, every action you take is light. Every friendly word you speak, enlightens someone.

What is most important for you however, is that you give from your soul. Giving from the heart is misinterpreted. One gives from the love for oneself, the radiation is the giving. Giving is always a good thing, but give love to yourself first. Create a harmonious base, then the world’s misery will not touch you so deeply. Then you can change it. Accepting suffering by internalising it is counterproductive. When you understand this, dear reader, you have come quite a way. Prepare (even today!) to practise total self-acceptance and love for yourself.“

Sept/Oct 2017 – You are not powerless on the world-stage

Dear Reader,

People worry more and more about the increasing chaos in the world. The feeling of powerlessness prevails, that is why I would like to tell you that the individual is pivotal in the world. You as an individual can do much more than you think. Do not give up, take your place in the world and say what your intuition tells you. Express yourself, don’t keep quiet to keep the peace or because you are not sure how people will take it.

Are you afraid of nuclear war? Think of the parties concerned and connect the individuals with My heavens. For example, imagine Kim-Yong-Un with on his head the silver cord that connects him with the heavens. Then visualise clear cosmic energy flowing through this cord from heaven to his person. Put him in this radiant heavenly light and feel as it were its warmth reaching every cell in his body. Do the same with president Trump and any other person you want to heal. When several people do this, an energy field is opened which continues to flow. These leaders continue to experience great pressure from their office, the people around them and also their ego, but the short bursts of light energy that reaches them gives them a connection to their soul. They then see the world as I see it and they will know what has to be done.

Are you afraid about things in your life? That you can’t pay the bills anymore or that you cannot give your children what you want them to have? Keep on seeing yourself as someone with unlimited resources to create everything that is necessary. Love, faith and the feeling of self respect are the most important things to possess and to pass along.
You will see that when you do that, solutions come from unexpected sources.

Attune yourself to the web of light and connect with those people you think worthwhile.
What counts in life is your intention as an individual, that is our priority.

Aug 2017 – Choose your own lesson for the coming months

Dear Reader,

You have had a beautiful summer which will be followed by a beautiful autumn. It is not quite autumn yet, but you are already preparing for a new time of growth and perhaps deepening which always feels so good in winter.
You have behind you years of growth and more years are before you. It is important to ask yourself: Where am I now? Considering my time-line, is my development on schedule, or am I even a bit ahead? It is also possible that you feel you still have to learn an awful lot.
Ask yourself then: What is the most important thing I have to learn for the coming months? Is it patience, focussing, letting go or perhaps showing yourself, expressing yourself at a time you’d rather step back and hide? Now go and find something that will remind you of that lesson: It can be a beautiful stone you put on the table, a necklace with a stone or something you can put in your pocket. Each time you look at it or touch it will be a reminder of your lesson. Do this for three months. You will see that your development goes much faster.

New times are coming, dear reader and you will be surprised at the strange capers some leaders will cut. Live your own life and every positive thought you send will make a difference. Concentrate on how you live and how pure you are. That will give mother Earth the loving touch that is so necessary today.

Summer 2017 – Create your own future

Dear reader,

“Now you have the opportunity to change your life in any sense you want. This is the time of reconsideration and reorganisation. No matter your age, each of you may look at his life and decide if he still likes the way things are going. If this is not the case and a change of scene is the solution, this is the right moment. This can be in every field: work, house, relationships, children, spiritual development etc. Energetically it is the right moment for an overview. Ask yourself: What do I really want in life? What is my deepest wish? Go for that, dear reader. Verify first if your wish is one of the soul, so it is better not to change things immediately. Then the circumstances will be beneficial to your heartfelt wish so that it will come true.
Now is also the time for Me to give the world another chance to save itself by focussing on the return of the soul into mankind. I have watched the earth for millenia, now a decision is necessary for the earth’s future. Likewise, you take a decision for your own future: as it goes above, so it goes below.
An opening in the cosmos is created here for the future. Imagine that this opening is a tunnel into which you are looking at the moment and you are able to see your own future. What do you see for yourself in the future? Is this a wish coming from your ego or do you receive the information from us? Does your soul pick it up and does she speak to you?
This is your assignment for the coming summer period. Look into this and focus your consciousness on your future so that you can make your wishes. We will then make them come true. Do not be afraid to voice your wish. If you feel you did not do it well enough or you want to change it, tell us as soon as possible. It is always possible to adapt the wish if it comes from your heart.
It is from heart to heart that I speak to you, dear reader.”

April 2017 – Faith and surrender

Dear reader,
Your heart is quiet when you are reading this. You are ready to receive information that can bring you further on your most beautiful path of life . That is that you must realise that your control over life lies therein that you use your talents well for yourself and all sentient beings. That is all. The only security you have is your good intentions and filling life with these. Getting a grip on life is not the answer, but offering your life to Me in the shape of faith and surrender. When you do this, you will arrive exactly at your destination and that is experiencing great happiness on earth. If you keep on circling in your own insecurity and fear, you will not be able to reach this happiness because your energy level is not high enough to absorb that level of bliss.
A lot of people live their lives not fully conscious, with a certain dish on Mondays, a social evening every Friday and the weekend with friends and family. That is all right, but if you want more, there is more and you will find that you want to go deeper and deeper into the fields of knowledge that is available here in My realms. You are such a person and no matter how small your house, your heart is great and that is the most important thing. We can see this and adapt our gifts to the energy level of our beloved individual. Thus, the more energy you can absorb, the more we can give. So receiving less is not a punishment, but a cosmic law that what does not fit into the glass, can not be added. Keep on developing yourself by continuing to ask questions and to let your wishes be known. Then a new era will come for you, dear reader, and that will be in the not too distant future.

March 2017 – Dutch elections

Dear readers,
A remarkable message about the elections of last week!

“Holland is having a busy time with the elections and the general state of the world. Everyone wonders how things will go with the presidency of Erdogan in Turkey and Trump in the US. Know that these people are here in order to show the world that dominion is not the solution. They do this in different ways. One wants world dominion and the other wants world dependency on the US.
A difficult time has come in Holland because the population does not feel politically represented in spite of the large number of parties.
The reason is that the government has so much influence so that an individual party can do nothing about it. The elections have not gone completely fair. There have been premeditated plans to put Geert Wilders on a sideline. It is difficult to show you how it all should have happened. In short it is that there should come a formation that represents the larger part of the population. That means no difficult government formation, just that the largest parties must work together. Then, a party leader can not refuse to be in the government with an other party. The people have chosen and that is the way it should go, even if it means that two parties are at odds with each other. Of course that means a compromise, but that is to be preferred above the fact that a great number of voters will not be heard in political The Hague. You have voted for a specific path and that has to be followed. This path cannot be ignored just because one party does not want to cooperate with another. Thus the outcome as it is now is not an honest one without the party of Geert Wilders. I am not saying that I want to see all of his ideas put into practice, but the population has chosen and this choice must be honoured. That way people can learn from their choice and a country learns to govern itself.

More than once I have mentioned that government is best done on a small scale. No centralisation but decentralisation. Every country should have their own assignment and way of life. Nothing must be imposed by a virtual state named Europe. You can then take care of becoming an energy-neutral country and that everyone has a good salary and the poor are being taken care of. Not only in your own land. This should be done in a different way: Every country must establish an organisation that takes care of the poor. That way one does not need a political department, but a permanent organisation that is financed by the government. Finance is thus a constant flow and not dependent on a chosen party. However we are now talking about another system that has not yet been established.

What can you do at this moment?
Stay centered. Be honest and say what you feel and think. Live life your way. Do not accept everything but speak up if there is something you don’t agree with.
Meditate. That is, call Me! Sit down for a few minutes daily, relax and speak to Me or ask something, an answer will always be given.
That way you stay in touch with hope, faith and love.”

February 2017 Counteract evil by power of thought

“Dear Reader,

It is possible for you not to become depressed when seeing or hearing things that shock you. This often happens when there is a disaster or in case of abuse of humans or animals. When you see, hear or read this, try to send love immediately and imagine that the perpetrators are setting their actions right, like repairing things or giving love to the victims.
This is a method to restore the balance of the evil that has been done. It does not even it out entirely, but if you look at it from our side, the act of evil is being followed immediately by positive energy. Often it is difficult to do this because you are shocked. When you make the visualisation a conscious act (thus visualising that the deed is being counteracted), you are almost creating it materially. When more people do this, the situation will improve. Of course you cannot bring back the dead by this act, but energetically you lift it up and the deceased can follow their way in a more positive atmosphere.
When there is a nature disaster, you can also send loving thoughts or even a virtual helper to the area. This will have effect.
For you it is difficult to see the results of these actions, but we can see it clearly. It is important that you learn to think in energies and realise that the power of thought is the mother of all creation. Try it out. It will give you harmony and an increased energy level.”

January 2017 – Love for yourself

Dear Reader,
Prepare yourself for the new energy that has come into your life not only because of the new year but also due to the position of the planets. Man must now recognise his own light and live by it. What I am asking of you in the new year is love for yourself!
It means seeing so much love in yourself that you realise that this is the great connection between you and all there is around you. When you feel it, you are at one with creation and also at one with your fellow human beings because they have the same divine spark as you have.
This self love comes from knowing that you cannot fall because you are standing so strong and this power is being used for the good of yourself and the world. Recognising your own inner core is to see the other mirrored in it and that means you are standing more firmly on your feet. You radiate more self -assurance knowing everyone has this spark. You only have to touch this knowledge to feel its power. Finding your inner power does not mean denying it in others, on the contrary.
When you do this, your energy level rises and if everyone would do it, mankind would be enlightened. This is enlightenment: total self-acceptance, seeing the connection of yourself with creation and recognising Me in yourself.

Christmas 2016 Visualise Heaven on Earth

“Dear Reader,

This time of year you are all busy decorating your homes and figuring out how you can bring joy to your family and friends for the Christmas Season.
In this time it is important to bring your consciousness to a higher plane. Know that you are doing the right things and let your thoughts go to your soul. Go outside for a few moments in the coming days and breathe in the fresh air. Ask yourself: What have I done for my soul these days? Have I taken a moment of quiet and given her attention? Have I concentrated on the heavens and all good powers gathered there and have I connected with them? It is your thoughts that create this world, dear reader. So for this season, create an opening in the heavens so that everyone can see the beauty of it. Know that all of you can enjoy this by being conscious of our presence and to trust your own power as a divine being. Let the heavens descend on earth. Visualise this and make it as beautiful as possible. Do this in the days leading up to Christmas and take the entire world with you in your visualisation, we do the rest.
For each of you there is happiness and blessings for the coming year.”

November 2016 – Elections USA – Send love to the people

“Dear Reader,

Do not worry about the elections taking place in America. It is not important whether Hilary Clinton is chosen or Donald Trump, The point is that the American people can live in balance the coming years and that balance is not the result of one of these two candidates being chosen. What I am saying is that you have to send energy to the American people so their intuition can resurface. Give them the light they ask for. They know that it is going to be tough the coming months. A president can do a relative amount, but the great impact of the present is outside the influence of even the American President. I see difficult times coming for America, but there are some rays of hope. When it is getting dark, what do you do? You make a light. So when times get tough the bright spots will be more noticeable. That is going to happen in the US. People will help each other and there are some that are going to do great things for others and for the planet. It is important that the the present order will not extinguish these points of light. That is why you must send all this loving energy to all those people and to those who are living in fear to lose the comfortable little life they are leading. Send it especially to the handful of citizens who are at the top of the world ruling the monetary systems. They control and manipulate all the cash flow in the world. This handful of people is the cause of all poverty. Send your love and light especially to these men and women. When you all do this, a turning point will come and they will at last find the happiness that they were looking for in all their millions and power over people.
These days, try to be with the American people and all who live there, including the illegal immigrants who have such a hard time trying to make ends meet and having to feed more mouths in their own country too. Be with all these citizens, dear readers and a solution will come, whichever president will be elected. It is not the president personally who moves the world, it is society, and the few controlling the money.

In the near future an enormous turning point will come that is going to cost human lives. It will be the beginning of a new era. You all think there is a threat of war. That is true, but a third world war is not yet upon you. There is great unrest everywhere and that manifests itself in numerous layers. The financial layer is My greatest concern and I am trying to touch those people so that they may see that happiness lies outside of finance and that the flow of money is a life support system that has to reach everybody. One should not try to bleed it dry or to short-circuit it for self gain. Money should reach every person for it to have a positive effect on man and nature. Man is happiest when he knows himself and realises the greatest gift to himself is helping others. Luxury is that which you need, nothing else. I provide this in abundance for every being.
I am giving you the key, dear reader, to open the door of your own treasury and to see everything that is yours sparkle and shimmer and that is love for your self. The realisation that you have a divine essence is an example of this. You have to have self love before you can start giving. You can create anything if you serve Me, Let Me into your life and you know yourself.”

September/October 2016 Going back inside

“Dear readers,

Now is the time to turn inwards and make your home cozy for the winter months. See if you feel like making a change in your interior. Do you still fit into the energy of your room after the summer? See your interior as flowing. It does not mean that you have to get something new every season, but try to see your furniture as movable, flowing objects. They move with your energy. It is a natural process to sometimes do away with things and getting new items. See how many objects you have that are never touched. An interior should consist of things you use, and items to make it beautiful. All these have to be touched and be a part of life. Are you doubtful about a certain item, move it out of sight and see if you miss it.
If you want to have something very badly, ask yourself why. If you can afford it, get it or make believe you already have it and see how it feels. The universe usually gives you the things you really want. Be sure that it will cross your path at some moment. If it does not come, why not? Perhaps you have to change your energy, or you should let it go and be happy with the things you do have and from there create space for new things. It is the same in life. Your home mirrors your life. When the energy flows in your home, it also does that in life.
This winter, know that you will always receive what you need and what makes you happy. Concentrate on the things that need doing. Take the time to adapt to new energies that flow from there. See every day as a new promise that gives you everything you need and want. When you start the day with that intention, it will pass much happier and give you inner peace.”

August 2016 – Small ritual to bless the earth

Dear reader,

Now comes a time where the codes of earth are being changed. That means that things will happen to bring the earth to a different energy level. You can compare this to the shivering of a body. Disasters happen, like mud slides and earth quakes. These are the spasms of earth to bring itself in balance by removing congesting energy and letting it flow again. These congestions are terrorist attacks and places where there is great suffering, or places where nature is being badly treated. All these spots are sores on the earth’s body and they have to be cured with love and harmony. Harmony comes when people pay attention to the well-being of the earth and all its inhabitants. Many people live unconsciously and only move about in their own energetic cocoon, which is narrower than they actually need. These people have tunnel-vision and are not concerned with the greater good.

What I would like to ask of you is this: Could you take a moment every day for, say, three months and send love to planet Earth? You can do this by taking a glass of water and blessing it by putting your hands around the glass and breathing a word of love over the water. Then you go outside and pour the water over the earth, the plants or even the pavement if you have no garden (the stones need love too). If you live in a flat, pour it out over your plants on the balcony or over the balcony itself. You can also put the water in a bottle and pour it out down below.
Do not think this does not work. When more than twenty people do this, something changes in the earth’s energy. Imagine the power this has! Make it a daily ritual. You can continue doing this after three months of course. You’ll find that you miss doing the ritual because it gives you a sense of connection and more inner power. When you give something to Mother Earth, she immediately gives something back, like power, blessing, energy, love or courage, just what you need that particular day. If everyone would do this ritual, every place on earth would be fertile again.

Detach yourself from the old patterns that bring you down and empower yourself to push them away and remove their emotional charge. If you were always told you were not good enough or that you could not do something right, put this into a balloon, fill it with light and let it float up into the light where it will be transformed. You will not be bothered by it again. Everytime something comes up, let the balloon up and you’ll feel lighter.
Prepare for good times despite invasions, earth quakes, attacks and threats of war. All these are expressions of inability. Change the newsflashes by sending harmony and light to the people and places concerned. Only one thought suffices! Never give up faith in a happy ending.

July 2016 Free will

Dear Reader,

Do not worry about your future because it is already preordained.
You can do a lot yourself in life, but certain paths are already filled in by us. That is why people are discussing free will since time immemorial. There is always free will. There is always an opportunity to focus your attention on certain things and have the will to experience them. If you really want to do something, do it.
The soul however always wants to follow our path. This path is always the most beautiful one. Sometimes you experience a conflict in yourself: what should I do, what is best for me?
When you ask yourself this, you can add: what is the best step to take for my overall happiness? Then we can make it true for you
The fact that there are some things already destined should make you happy, things are going to be OK! Of course this is not a free ticket to all kinds of excesses which can take you off your path. It is a support for your soul that you will eventually choose that which is best for your soul and thus for yourself. Give yourself the love you deserve, that way you can reach your deepest centre; the knowledge what is best for you lies there.
The most beautiful act of free will is to choose the path we have chosen for you.
See the cooperation between heaven and earth as a blessing and not something you have to fight against. Your starting point is freedom. You have chosen that freedom when you decided to go and live on earth. The fact that some things are preordained should thus be more of a consolation than a hindrance to you.


June 2016 Feel the new energy

Dear Reader,

Now is the time to prepare yourself for a change in your life. This is not only a possible holiday, but also an upward power which helps you to reach your goals. Try to feel this power in yourself. The life force has its maximum power now, in nature as well as in you.
Write down the goals you have for the near future. See what you can do and plan to reach these goals. Give yourself a deadline that you are going to work on it each week or month. This is a good method to bring yourself into action. You will feel your power grow and you will reach your goals quicker.
Have a look at your workplace. Try to clean up a little there and then to insert a little more colour. This is simply done by putting an object there in your favourite colour. Flowers or plants are OK too. This colour will stimulate you into action and to manifesting your talents.
A new era is waiting and your life’s goal is linked to that. Visualise that there is a place for the fulfilment of your goals in that time. Do not be distracted by the chaos and difficulties of this time. The most beautiful things happen in the most difficult times. Your future is one of them. See it this way and steer around all the obstacles while enlightening your difficulties with your optimistic energy. Your assignment in life always has to do something with bringing happiness to others. Try to feel this happiness in yourself first and then consciously sending it out to your direct environment and later to the world as a whole.

May 2016 What are your goals for coming summer?

Dear reader,

Now is a good time to look at your plans for the summer: In what way would you like to grow this time? What kind of qualities would you like to cultivate? Do you want to develop the power in yourself; would you like to go with the flow of life or perhaps to let go of old patterns? What about carefree enjoyment? All these things are possible if you accept the new energy that comes up every spring. Let go of your old insecurity and negative patterns. If that is difficult, write them on your yearly calendar in the month of January and then cross it out firmly. In the month of May you write all sorts of nice things, like discovering the light in yourself; empowering yourself and bringing out the sun in other people’s eyes. Thus the calendar becomes an instrument that reminds you of your dreams and goals. When you are busy, try to keep your thoughts focused on what you are doing. When your attention drifts, try to drift positively. When it is something negative, put it in the past. Now is also a good time to cleanse yourself and your house of all the energies that have accumulated during winter.
Difficult times are upon the world, but that does not mean that this will overshadow your life . You can use this knowledge to arrange your life in a way that you can surround yourself and others with positive energy. Everyone doing this will create a beautiful network.
Be flexible in the flow of life while keeping an eye on your goals.


March/April 2016: How to think about terrorism – suggestions

Dear Reader,

It is better not to send any negative thoughts to those who plan and execute terrorist attacks. These people should get into a more gentle energy and that is not possible when everyone thinks about them with loathing and often hate. The best way is to visualise placing them together in a large field. Then imagine a circle of angels around the field. Energy will radiate from the angels that takes these terrorists slowly to another energy level. Do not expect this to happen overnight, but when many people do this visualisation, the effects of the terrorists’ deeds will change. It also means that you are taking action.
A lot of you would prefer to see terrorists imprisoned or even receiving the death penalty, however this is not the way to go against these evil deeds. What these people lack (and need) is a deep rooted self-love, that is why they choose this violent road. When they get home, nothing is waiting for them: no nice course, interesting studies or exciting work. These people, children sometimes, have no purpose. The only thing they hear is that they can become heroes by sacrificing themselves. They never hear that they already are heroes, just the way they are. This understanding should find its way across the globe and eventually into the training camps of the terrorists. These people have a right to a happy, fulfilling life, with the feeling that they contribute something to society without getting killed and taking numerous victims with them. Give yourself the time to let your emotions out when there is another attack. Afterwards, try to forget it as soon as possble. I have already said it once, but the violence does not stop. Light a candle for the victims with loving thoughts and go your own way. Try not to let it come too close to heart. That does not mean that you are heartless. It is very important that people realise they can generate positive energy for a new world. That is what you do when you think positive. Create a beautiful atmosphere in your home, put nice flowers in your garden or on the balcony if you have one. Invite someone who does not have these things and who loves to be outdoors for a change. Then you are creating paradise on earth and we will always help you with that.


February 2016 Time is not linear

Dear Reader,

You see your life as a consecutive number of events that lead to a certain goal. The truth about life and its structure is different however. Your life is a collection of experiences that are gathered in a certain amount of time, but its order can be changed. For man it is difficult to understand because you perceive your life as a long thread on which your experiences are strung like beads. But look at those beads separately and make a loop in the thread (being time). Now different beads touch each other than they did in their linear sequence.
Know that you can still influence the events in your life. So you can dig up something that happened in the past, work on it and thus heal it. See this as a reality and not a visualisation. I would like to show you now is that time is not linear and that everything is happening at the same time.
You might ask: what about the future? That exists at the same time too. Your free will however gives you multiple futures. Look at your choices: when you make a different choice, your future will also be different.
There are some fixed patterns in every possible future however. If you have been promised a partner you are going to spend your life with, you will find him or her. It is important that you try to live intuitively because we can reach you then. If you do not and you go out of yourself, we cannot reach you and it will cost a lot more effort from both sides to make your future come true.
Please take some time to wrap your mind aroud this and know that this knowledge is here to help instead of confuse you. It is another step on the way to your expanded consciousness.
All is one.

January 2016: Delete negative energy with self love

Dear reader,

I see that you all have the urge to clean out negative energies in your life. That is a great good. I may be of help by showing you that the love for yourself is the basis by which you can remove those negative energies. Let your self love radiate past the boundaries of your house (and garden) and picture yourself as the centre of that enormous power of love.It is like a circle around you. You can also take problems into that circle so that they lose some of their edges in the energy of love. This way you’ll see that the solution to a problem is easier than you think.
Try to let a problem go by visualising that you open your hands and as it were offer it to the heavens. So for everything you still grasp and cannot let go: make a cup of your hands, lift them up and give all your troubles to us! That way you will experience a freedom in which you can see the solutions.
You can also include your good intentions, wishes and dreams into the circle of self love.
For those who do not yet know what self love is: it is the knowledge that you are an inseparable part of Me, The Source, The Universal Power, Spirit, and that this power is in you too and you may radiate that power. Try to wrap your mind around this and not only your mind, also the field of consciousness around you should be permeated by this idea. You feel it in your heart too, that is its source. The difficult thing is to connect the heart with the mind.
Let all the things that happened last year go and meet the coming time in faith. What you do as an individual is important: a small act may have an enormous impact.
So be aware of the fact that you are not powerless. We help every person to live their dreams so enjoy the new year in this light.

December 2015 Mind power

Dear Reader,

“Look at your life and write down what you do and don’t like about it. Then determine whether you can change these things or that they are caused by the system, which you cannot change. Look at your priorities, what is necessary in your life? What do you really want to change or see changed? Sometimes it is enough just to speak your intention aloud for it to come true.
Try to look at yourself in a positive way and do not go back to your old thoughts of inadequacy. The fact that there are problems in society does not mean that you will experience them in your life, dear reader. So do not be too fearful when you hear about all kinds of measures taken by the government. The world’s playground seems more and more difficult to access as an individual, but one can do a lot with mind power.
Send positive thoughts to people in war zones, to the earth, the animal and plant worlds, the seas. Try to stop the radioactive wave emanating from the still leaking nuclear power station in Japan. Send positive thoughts to the waters around the power plant for a month (or longer if you can) every day at the same time. The radioactivity there will decrease. It seems unbelievable, but that is the power of intention.
Try to work more with this power in the coming year, it will give you a lot of good in your life.
Be aware that you are heard and blessings are with you for 2016 and after.”


November 2015 Check your goals

Dear Reader,

Use this month to check your goals and to ask yourself if they still correspond to your changing energy level. Are you still looking towards your old goals or do you suddenly see a bigger pattern? Perhaps it is time to expand them. The energy of this month is good for these questions. You can adapt yourself every moment to your changing energy level.
Your fundamental wavelength is rising too. Try to feel this increasing powerful energy and to enjoy it.

Your life’s goal is coming closer and do not doubt your ability to reach it. You can never slide down when you remain focused on your goal. Every goal is different; one may choose material gain, the other wisdom. This is both OK, although of course I prefer the road to wisdom. However, prior to that one has to have a certain material contentment that has to be balanced first in order to tackle the spiritual knowledge.

Do not worry about the state of the world. Lately I have seen more and more people who are desperate and cannot go any further. That is not how it should be. You have to be able to live your life in happiness and from that happiness you can give good energy to the earth and its inhabitants. If you keep worrying about the state of the world you cannot change anything and you disregard your own goal. So take your happy moments seriously, they are essential to your life.
I still have everything under control although it may seem to have got out of hand. It all goes according to plan. I give everyone a glimpse of this master plan and together you must arrange the pieces to the great mosaic to be able to discover the truth.

September 2015 Lunar eclipse

There will be a total lunar eclipse in the night of Sunday 27 to Monday 28 September. This will be completely visible from the Netherlands and Belgium.
The eclipse starts at 02.11 hrs and has its maximum at 04.48 hrs. It ends at 07.24 hrs, all in Dutch time. At the peak of the eclipse the Moon is completely hidden in the shadow of the Earth, so no direct sunlight reaches the Moon. A little sunlight is reflected by the Earth’s atmosphere and reaches the Moon’s surface. This is primarily red light and thus casts a reddish glow on the Moon, hence its name Blood Moon.

Here follows God’s comment:

“Dear readers,
A total lunar eclipse enters your life at a moment of restlessness and despair.
Questions arise as: Is everything going to be OK? Am I still doing the right thing? What is the future of Earth? What will the country look like in the coming years? The answers seem more remote than ever.

The lunar eclipse is a sign of chaos. It shows a total rejection of the female and intuitive side of man and his society. A large part of mankind does act intuitively however and that is where we have to look. Do not lose hope for improvement of the system because you are that hope, dear reader! You who are reading this, who chooses light and inner confidence and new hope for the future.

The fact that the moon is invisible does not mean that she is not there. Stand up for yourself and build on your intuitive powers and faith in yourself. Send this power and faith into the world so that it reaches the leaders who are not yet capable to listen to their innermost feelings. These people in particular need this help. Prepare yourself for a new era. Keep developing your intuition and give a little extra positive energy and kindness to the people around you. That is also an aspect of the moon: kindness, gentleness and understanding.
In all respects you are ready for the future.”

August 2015 Faith is the door to happiness

Dear Reader,

What I have seen more and more lately is that people do not understand how life really works with respect to the rôle of the heavenly powers. What are the consequences of your actions? Being God I am supreme and omniscient and I help every being dealing with life. However, that does not mean that people have to reckon with this knowledge all the time. Life has to be lived by man from his own perspective. Sometimes there is divine intervention, sometimes there is not. This uncertainty is getting you down, I realise that. I would like to ask you to see your life from your own point of view and at the same time to keep all doors and windows open to My world and My love. Even when it seems to go unrewarded. This is the most difficult thing to ask of you; to keep your faith through thick and thin, in happiness and in sorrow. Even if that sorrow does not seem to get better.

Faith is the door to happiness. That is the essence. So, having faith invites divine intervention. That is how it works in a nutshell, dear children. It is much more complicated, but the above serves as help to get you through these times. It partly answers My not-acting. I see that you often reproach Me for not intervening where this would be most welcome. If that happens, there are important reasons for this that are unknowable to you. Keep having faith in your higher self and in the Divine that is forever linked with you and that is Me.