December 2014/January 2015 Charlie Hebdo

Dear Reader,
The past year was spent in unrest, in earth matters as well as in your personal lives. The new year will be filled in differently than you think. Between all the difficulties, you will also experience moments of great happiness. You are in the right place at the moment. It is possible that you want to go away from your daily environment, to move house or even to emigrate. Know that there is a time and place for everything. Wait for the right moment and you’ll see that this comes quicker than you think. As daily life is concerned, making ends meet will get more difficult this year. However, new insights make your life easier, so it works both ways.
Do not be afraid for the new year, start with joy and know your greatest asset is your inner life and wisdom of the soul. That gives real happiness and wealth. Take the time for joyful things and each evening look back on the beautiful moments, to start the next day in joy.
Happiness is permanent. It is not a peak experience. Do not be influenced by everyone’s opinion but stay centered in your own knowledge that you are on the right track and taking small steps each time on the path of wisdom.

My request to you

The attacks in France are the beginning of a wave of terror going over the Western World in particular. I haste to say that this can be stopped by not giving these attacks any publicity. For you it is almost unthinkable but still I ask you to not make any information about this terror public. I call upon you not to give these terrorists the heroic status they crave. The more publicity, the more attacks, that is how it works. So do not say anything about it to each other and honour the victims in silence and send them your good wishes. They will be honoured in other ways than mass sympathy.
There is another way to decrease violence and that is to keep sending light to the groups of people doing these attacks. They live in self-imposed darkness which can be penetrated from outside, causing them to start doubting their deeds. Every person sending light, helps reducing the dark.


November 2014 Exercise voor high energy level

Dear Reader,

This time I have an exercise for you, connecting you with your highest energy level.
This will go before you on your life’s path.

Go to your heart region and feel your heart beating.
Here in the centre of the body lives the soul. She always speaks My language.
You then say: “I invite my soul to come forward more in my life.”
You will feel a powerful energy radiating from your heart to the rest of your body and will stand firmer on your feet.
Then you go to your solar plexus and say: “I connect my will with my soul.”
Thirdly focus your attention on your head and say: “I connect my mind with my soul.”
You feel the three elements connecting and then you can do a last affirmation:
“As a human being I am connected to heaven and earth.”

Try to do this exercise at least once every day. You will be happier and stonger.

October 2014 Keep believing in goodness

Dear Reader,

In this time it is very difficult to continue to believe in the good. Your whole life is spent being busy to do the right thing. It seems that people who do not believe in doing this and wallow in the luxury that life still offers, are being rewarded while those who consciously try to live well are being curtailed and threatened in their being.
This only appears so, dear reader. I see everything, from the smallest decision to have a cup of coffee to the great things in life. I see nothing without giving energy to it and to less good things I give less energy so they disappear into the background. People however keep giving energy to these bad things and thus expose them to the light again. Keep in mind that every good thought arrives here and is celebrated. Know that you are rewarded for these good thoughts and actions. For you who cannot see the whole picture it is difficult to keep faith that the good really leads to happiness. I have before Me the great plan of the person who still has the intention to give love to himself and the world around him. This great plan shimmers with happiness and hope and this feeling is the essence of your later years. Keep this promise in the back of your mind and try to keep faith in the fact that your choices are good and that you will be rewarded for it even though it does not appear so at the moment.


September 2014 Stay centered

Dear Reader,

Make your preparations for a new stage in these chaotic times. Mankind is coming ever closer to the end of the techno-era. This means that difficulties will increase throughout the world. Do not be surprised if you keep being confronted with things you don’t seem to be able to solve. It is all part of this time and your presence can influence its outcome. If you can stay calm in the middle of the storm, you will see order coming back. You have this same order built into your body, soul and spirit. Be aware that you can radiate this order and let its energy go on ahead. Concentrate on your own light and do not make any rash decisions. The present system wants you to make these because it is very difficult to cancel them. Stay focused with your opinion and life style wherever you are. Don’t get sucked in by the maelstrom created to make people dependent on the system.
You are all standing in the light and we see everything. Faith in yourself and in us is very important. Try to hold on to that even if you think there is no more divine guidance. That will always remain and you as an individual are also noticed.
When you worry, your energy level drops, so try not to let circumstances influence you too much. There is a moment for everything and you’ll notice that more time is required for some problems to be solved. Suddenly there will be a moment that everything is solved without you doing overmuch for it. You will then be surprised how easy that went. Trust your own ability to recognise new insights!

August 2014 Think differently: Life is perfect

Dear Reader,

I have noticed that people think in terms of solving problems. How to get more money or to take care of your child’s development at school etc.
This month I would like to invite you to think the other way around. What I mean is that you start thinking that your life is perfect as it is. See life as a full circle and that everything in it is as it should be.
Do not think of your problems at that time but see the big picture. Imagine that your life goes according to plan, that is, the big plan you wrote yourself before your life on earth. Complaining when things are getting out of hand is OK, but keep on thinking: ‘I live my life according to plan’. This way you keep yourself energetically on the right track. You might wonder why this is so important. It is the key to permanent happiness. If your eyes don’t see how your life should be, your soul does and she tries to keep you on the right path. So when you choose this way, life will arrange it for you and you will notice that things go more smoothly. Chances you have been waiting for appear and things are looking up.
This is what you can do with the power of thought, dear reader and that is only the beginning. Try this first, we can elaborate on it further later.

The situation in the world has not yet quietened down. However, stay with the thought that peace will follow. Imagine that peace comes to every place where there is war. If you find it difficult to imagine in detail, remember a face you saw on television, a child, an old lady or a soldier and concentrate your good thoughts on them and their village. The earth there too needs love and attention.
Do this a few times this month (and on if possible) and the world will be a different place.
You are the eyes and ears of the heavens and help to bring back the earth in its original state of paradise.

July 2014 MH17

Dear Reader,

The disaster with the aircraft of Malaysian Airlines is still fresh in your memory.
I would like to let you know that the people in the aircraft have not suffered physically. In all respects they made a quick transition to My heavens. They did consciously realise that they were going to crash and there was panic on board. This panic was of a short duration however. The people could not think or do anything, the moment was too intense for that. Guidance from our side was immediate: we narrowed down their consciousness so that they did not have to experience full suffering.
They saw their lives flashing past. Everyone arrived here immediately and were taken care of. Now they are resting. They would really like to visit ther loved ones but this is not yet possible. When a big group of people dies simultaneously, we have a special way of taking care, one can compare it to a sort of quarantaine; the victims still need each other and contact with their families comes later.
You all have showed a lot of compassion and kind thoughts; this gives the victims great support.

I would like to say one more thing about the people who did this, dear reader.
These are  not professional killers. They are simple soldiers who love their land. They have been sucked into a political fight by their superiors of which they understand nothing. Their guilt is enormous. They cannot believe that one of these rockets has caused so much suffering. These soldiers cannot experience happiness anymore and the fight for their country has lost its lustre.

Politically not much good will come from this. I would like to ask you to not speak your mind about this too much. The balance in the world is delicate and what helps most is a positive, loving disposition, so try to keep it at a human and not a political level.

Let this be enough about the disaster. If you would like to do anything, please send love and light to the victims and their families, that certainly helps.

Try to resume life and also think of your own goals and happiness.
A lovely summer awaits you, with nice sunny weather. Enjoy this and concentrate on the positive side of your life, even if the outside world gives you little reason for joy.
The idea of eternal happiness should stay in the back of your mind.

Freshen yourself up, literally, by doing a water ritual on Friday July 25th, the Maya Day Out of Time.
Cleanse yourself and the world on this day. How? Be creative! Even if you just rinse a small object under the tap with the thought of healing and cleansing the Earth it already helps.
Let happiness flow!

June 2014 How to look at a problem

Looking at a problem

Dear reader,

If you like, try and make a list of items which are currently bothering you. Usually two or three things spring to mind immediately.
These we are going to work with now.
You have a few minutes to yourself at the moment. In the time you are reading this, you can make some progress solving your difficulties.
Feel your mood when you look at the problems on your list.
Then look at it as if it is something you have to reply to straight away. Openminded, detached and intuitively. What is your first reaction?
If you find it difficult looking at it from a distance, try imagining that it is the list of your friend you are looking at.

Then you react. Does anything pop up into your mind? It can also be that you hear: “It will be all right”. That is a reaction too!
It is not necessarily a solution, as well as a different way of looking at the problem. Now look at the other items on your list and apply the same method. Try to eliminate your ever running thoughts and hear the answer from the heart.
If you do not hear anything, relax for a few minutes or go and clean something, as long as your thoughts are elsewhere. In the meantime the question still lingers in your mind but you are tackling it from a different angle.

The answer can be anything:

I cannot do anything yet, tomorrow I should take action;
I accept the problem until I can do anything about it.
I have to see it in a different light;
I am now going against myself by holding on to the problem;
Now I see what I can do;
I always get the chance to solve the problems.

My solution for your problems is: Putting your trust in the goodness of the universe.

When you do this, things go much easier. Believe in the fact that a solution is always there.
Call My name and ask for help, it is always given.

If you can, take a few days extra off this month. That way you have had some rest before the stress of the big holidays.

May 2014 How to digest traumatic news


Dear Reader,

Nothing has more effect on your wellbeing than the news coming to you from outside. In this message I will suggest different a way in which you can digest information of an emotional nature.

Be comfortably seated and breathe deeply in and out. Then give your full attenion to the unsettling news that came to you. At the moment you feel your emotions drag you down, let your true feelings speak. What does your soul say? Try to see this separately from your ratio and receive the words as if it is coming from outside.
Thus you take a step backwards and leave the emotion out of the situation. Your true feelings will usuallly say something like: “Don’t identify yourself with the suffering because it does not help the victims.” The sadness, frustration and anger you have you can now transform into love for yourself and for the victims. Say to yourself and the world: “Love is coming to you, you are in helping hands.”
Be aware of the fact that we in the heavens have everything under control, even if the chaos seems evil. Know that we already are there where disaster is yet to strike.
The thing is not to lose your feelings of love and happiness. The victims, whether this be humans, animals or nature, are better served by your happiness than your pity. They need the equilibrium on earth which is necessary to put things right again and this is easier when there are positive feelings available.
Pity for the world is not as good as loving thoughts and a balanced spirit.
This takes some practice, dear reader. You cannot instantly be unaffected by all that comes to you via television, radio and other people. The fact that keeping one’s equilibrium is better for everyone including oneself, may be of help, including this daily mantra: “I keep my spirit in balance and my happiness is good for everyone.”


April 2014 Cleanse the energy in your house

Dear reader,

These first two weeks of the month are a good time to cleanse your house with incense or sage. Cleaning is fine too, but ritual cleansing has an extra effect now.
Leave all the windows open for a while afterwards and send your problems away with the wind. Difficult times have left more of a residue than one thinks.
Give yourself a little gift this month. It does not need to be something huge; a nice crystal or something you have been wanting for a while. Your house needs a little new energy that makes you happy.

Do not worry about the state of the world but try to make it a different place from within your home. You can do this by expanding your positive energy towards the street, even the entire city. See it as a large cloud of love touching everyone, including yourself. Just forget about all the misery for a minute and feel positive energy charging the whole area. If you do this once every day this month, your environment will be charged with happiness and everyone is more cheerful.
Do not think of your problems while sending the energy as that makes you tired.

You will get more energy by the enhanced frequency of the earth this month. There is a heightened activity in the earth’s surface that also causes earthquakes. This may happen again in April.
With meditation one can calm down the earth by visualising the leylines and filling these with love. This love flows over the earth like a gentle massage. It has the same effect as stroking your pet. You do not have to know where these lines  are for the meditation to be effective.

Take a little time for yourself now, two minutes does the trick!


March 2014 Feel your connection with the earth

“Dear reader,

Don’t worry too much about all the miseries on earth. Stand firmly in the middle of the storm. Now is the time of new growth on earth, both in nature and in your own lives.
Go somewhere in nature and try to connect with the new sounds coming from within the earth. Listen to her voice and send positive energy towards her.
Feel the soles of your feet connecting with the earth and let a clear beam of energy enter your body via your feet. This connection stays with you when you are home again, even when you live in an appartment which is not in direct contact with the earth.

Everything is flowering, also your loving attention for each other. Give the same love you had for the earth also to other people and know yourself a part of this enormous network of love.
Take your time doing things; no hasty decisions. Realise that you have ample time to make a decision from within your deepest self.
Now is a time of chaos on earth. Do not let yourself be influenced too much by this. Just go your own way and know that what you do out of love, will lessen this chaos.
This year will be remarkable because more people will realise that they can really change the world only by the power of their own thoughts.

Take a ten minute rest every day, dear reader and try to spend this time in nature. In your garden, in the park, even with a tree in the carpark.
Take this moment to enjoy the exchange of energies with the earth. Leave your troubles there and take fresh energy with you.
Everything will go better when you do this daily.”


Message of January/February 2014 Express your opinion



Messages from Above    via Dorien Hoogerheide    = January 2014


Dear Reader,

A new year stretches out before you, full of great change, in private life as well as in the world. I look upon the coming times with hope because such a large number of you have a warm heart towards this beautiful earth. This is necessary. Millions of people have been invited to contribute to the beginning of a new world. In this world love will play the central role and a new order will emerge. This is already on its way, but goes largely unnoticed.
You all chose to be here on earth at this time and each of you has a specific task to accomplish.
This year stands for expansion and expressing your heart’s opinion. People have to get used again to speaking their mind from within their deepest core. This year is one of choices. Do you choose the low or the high life? Meaning: are you letting your ego get the better of you or do you follow your soul?
Here in the heavens we try to focus our energies onto the recipients as precisely as possible. However, this becomes more and more difficult because of the veil of evil that covers the earth. We cannot undo this veil, it is you that must destroy it by love energy. Every loving thought punctures a little hole in the veil, until there is no more dark energy to be lighted.
Whatever your situation is this year, try to think positive. Know that we here do everything to help you and that all these changes will be for the better in the end. When you see or hear evil or suffering, visualise covering it with a blanket of love and harmony. This way you will not feel powerless and… it helps! Send for example love and harmony to Syria. People will receive it as a moment of happiness in their difficult lives. They feel a little better for a while, perhaps just at the moment they could not take it any longer. You can also apply this technique to your own life when things do not go well.
Do not worry too much about the world; give love, first to yourself and then to the world.