March 2015 extra: the Solar Eclipse

Dear Reader,

Today, the 20th of March, you have witnessed a partial solar eclipse.
The fact that you may not have been able to see it because of the overcast sky does not diminish its energetic value.
What does the eclipse mean to you? In past times people were afraid of it because of its predicting dark times. That is correct. An eclipse does predict dark times. The fact that the moon shifts in front of the sun means that man’s subconscious emerges with the rational part taking second place.
There comes a time of working out human karma. This is actually a good sign. What makes it difficult is the tenacity of man towards the material and the rational. Wisdom does not come easy that way.
Enough of these sombre predictions! What can you do at this moment?
Today and the coming weeks (this eclipse carries on until the next New Moon) you can try to become conscious of your unconscious desires, wishes and fears. What is there from the past that still tugs at you? When you have your answer, you are invited to do the following visualisation:

Sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Focus your attention on the flowing of all fluids in your body: blood, lymphatic fluid and water. Give thanks to all these fluids for keeping you alive.
Then think about an item in the past that still bothers you. Separate it from your memory. You can do this by visualising that your memory is crumbling into little bits. Then let these bits be swept away with the current of all fluids. Your feelings take part in this as well, so things are crumbling in your heart region too. All this is also lovingly swept away and cleansed.
If there are any other places in your body where you feel unwanted memories have become fixed, try to locate them with your attention and let them go with the flow.
Then concentrate on your aura and a little beyond. Cleanse this too by visualising an airy substance that shimmers or sparkles. This substance envelops you like a healing cloud and takes away all things from the past that you no longer need. This cloud-cleansing takes a few minutes.
Lastly, become aware of your whole being, breathe deeply a few times and know yourself to be cleansed and refreshed.

In this way you can bring up problems from your subconscious to your memory and from there lovingly send them away. Now is an especially good time for this.
Your desires and wishes come after the cleanse. Speak them aloud and we will help you to fulfil them.
Do not worry about the difficult times that are to come.
Believe in a beautiful future because that is what lies ahead for you.